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The ruins of the Ancient Roman fortress Pautalia (later the medieval Bulgarian fortress Velbazhd) in Bulgaria’s Kyustendil before its restoration in 2014-2015. The team likes the multifaceted metaphor this photo could be construed as showing. Photo:

On Tuesday, January 25, 2018, has registered its 1,000,000th visit!

The figure is based on our WordPress stats. was started as a news portal about Bulgaria’s archaeological discoveries, sites, and cultural heritage and cultural tourism at the end of 2014, though its official launch and active coverage was not until March 2015.

Our team appreciates deeply the overwhelming interest by readers from all over the world in the topics that we cover, and is going to seek to expand them in terms of quantity, quality, and depth!

Stay with us for more exciting coverage of Bulgarian and global archaeology, history, and cultural heritage!


Following are our 20 most read news stories (in reverse sequence) for the period from the launch of until the registering of our 1 millionth visit:



Bulgarian Man Finds Silver Treasure of Western European, Ottoman Coins While Plowing Field


Bulgarian Archaeologists Reveal Beautiful Early Christian Floor Mosaics amidst Unpleasant Present-Day ‘Finds’ in Plovdiv’s Great Basilica


Unseen Prehistoric Arms, Ancient & Medieval Swords Made Public for the First Time in Special Exhibit in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv


Thracologists Discover Ancient Thracian Rock Step Pyramid in Eastern Rhodope Mountains in Southern Bulgaria


Roman Coin Hoard Found by Chance under Tree ‘Confirms’ Existence of Roman Town in Bulgaria’s Mezdra


Bulgarian Archaeologist Finds 5000-Year-Old Relief from Ancient Mesopotamia among Artifacts Seized from Treasure Hunters


5,000 BC ‘Great Goddess with Hair in a Bun’ Found in Huge Shrine in South Bulgaria Unveiled for the First Time


Archaeologists Unearth ‘Dancing Priestess’ Figurine in Neolithic Settlement in Bulgaria’s Varbitsa


5,000-Year-Old Prehistoric Rock Shrine with Huge Human Faces Hewn In Discovered in Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains


7.2-Million-Year-Old Pre-Human Remains Found in Bulgaria, Greece Show First Pre-Humans Developed in Balkans, Not Africa


NGO Raises Funds to Rescue ‘Bulgaria’s Stonehenge’: Ancient Thracian Stone Circle (Cromlech) at Staro Zhelezhare


Archaeologists Dig Up Ancient Skeleton from under Odessos Fortress Wall in Bulgaria’s Varna


Large Sunken Byzantine Ship Discovered in Black Sea off the Coast of Sevastopol on Crimean Peninsula


Bulgarian Archaeologists Stumble Upon ‘Oldest Children’s Toy in Europe’: Late Bronze Age Thracian Toy Stork


7,000-Year-Old Ceramic Fragment with Possibly ‘World’s Oldest Writing’ Discovered in Bulgaria’s Riben


Archaeologists Discover Main Aqueduct of Ancient Odessos during Rescue Excavations in Bulgaria’s Varna


1st Century AD Inscription Found in Ancient Thracian Tomb in Bulgaria’s Tatarevo Turns Out to Be Verse from Solon’s ‘Prayer to the Muses’


Pre-Columbian Mediterranean ‘Round’ Ship Discovered for the First Time by Underwater Archaeology Expedition in Bulgaria’s Black Sea Zone


Archaeologist Discovers 8,000-Year-Old Nephrite ‘Frog-like’ Swastika in Slatina Neolithic Settlement in Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia


Archaeologists Discover Perfectly Preserved 2000-Year-Old Roman Ship, 20 Other Shipwrecks in Black Sea Off Bulgaria’s Coast




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