Recent Finds in Giza Keep Pyramid Mysteries Alive

Recent Finds in Giza Keep Pyramid Mysteries Alive

The greatest mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids are yet to be resolve. Photo: Wikipedia

It’s rather remarkable that some of the most ancient wonders of the world remain some of the most mysterious; this is certainly the case with the pyramids of Giza and some of the surrounding areas, however. 

Indeed, from conspiracy theory to true history, from cinematic adventures to video games, you can find all kinds of different tales about the pyramids.

One of the sillier theories that’s making the rounds these days thanks to a popular (if ridiculous) television show is that there was extraterrestrial influence on the pyramids’ construction.

Old conspiracy theories popularized by Ancient Aliens have even landed the pyramids on a National Geographic list of places people think were built by aliens.

The thinking is that the pyramids’ constructions defy the technology of the time, and thus there must be an unearthly explanation.

In some cases real history causes people to come up with interesting interpretations of the pyramids as well.

The game “Pyramid: Quest For Immortality,” for instance, is built entirely on the concept that Egyptians believed deceased pharaohs would be reborn – and thus buried them with possessions and riches.

It’s a clever concept for a slot game (as any quest for treasure would be), but it perpetuates the somewhat mythical image of pyramids as structures full of gleaming golden rooms piled high with valuables.

Some believe the pyramids are haunted, some believe certain discoveries have been hoaxes, and some believe they were built entirely by oppressed legions of slaves (which semi-recent evidence actually disputes).

The one thing most everyone seems to believe about the pyramids and Giza in general, however, is that they’re full of secrets we just haven’t uncovered yet. And every few years this belief is proven to be accurate.

In just the past few months, in fact, there have been two extraordinary discoveries in the era that are helping to keep the mysteries alive.

A New “Void”

The name “Khufu” isn’t as well known as one might guess. But this is actually the pharaoh for whom the Great Pyramid of Giza was built as a glamorous tomb.

It’s been there for more than 4,500 years, and just recently a team of scientists have used advanced technology to find an unknown cavity within the great monument.

It’s been described as a great and mysterious “void” within the pyramid, and as one expert put it, “such a big void can’t be an accident.”

Naturally archaeologists will have to be extraordinarily careful about researching the void in person, but the use of “cosmic rays” have aided the initial discovery.

Uncovering the void physically could make for one of the greatest Egyptian discoveries in decades, if not centuries.

4,400-Year-Old Tombs

Even more recently than the void was uncovered, archaeologists found the 4,400-year-old tomb of a priestess just outside of Cairo.

The tomb is believed to have belonged to a woman named Hetpet, high-ranking and closely connected to the royalty.

It’s one of the oldest and most significant tomb discoveries in many years, and the most exciting thing about it is that archaeologists believe they might find more in the surrounding area.

It’s finds like this that have to make you wonder if virtually all of the land around Cairo, and not just the pyramids themselves, is still teeming with mystery and ancient history.

It’s undeniable that the real intrigue of this part of the world remains incredibly interesting, even if there are some fictions and theories that make the whole area seem somehow less serious.

There just isn’t a better place in the world for archaeological discovery.