Call for Donations to to Save amid the Pandemic!

Call for Donations to to Save amid the Pandemic!

The story of the ruins of temple of goddess Fortuna in the Ancient Roman city of Ulpia Oescus is one of the many still awaiting to be told by us. Photo:

Dear Friends from around the World,

This is the editorial team of asking once again you for your help to save this website amid the coronavirus pandemic!

Our small online media site has been saved twice already thanks to your donations! In the these two previous instances, the sum needed to cover our site’s monthly expenses was raised, that is, donated by you, really quickly.

And while we are sorry that we have had to resort to your report, we are also extremely grateful, happy, and thrilled that there are people out there who are ready to donate to keep us going!

We hope that with your help we are going to be able to continue our exciting coverage of archaeological discoveries and other archaeology and history stories from Bulgaria and around the world! has been launched and running for the sole purpose of enriching you, wherever in the world you might be with knowledge and insights into incredible archaeology, history, and culture discoveries and developments from Bulgaria and other places.

We have been seeking to do that in an objective manner, to the benefit of all of us humans, by boosting the understanding of where we came from, and thus of where we might be going.

We have been seeking to expose as much as possible the horrors of treasure hunting looting and the tremendous destruction that they have been causing to us all by shattering invaluable archaeological and historical sites going back to dawn of humanity.

Bulgaria and so many other places around the world have so much to be revealed and so many stories to be told.

So many treasures to be discovered. Figuratively. As well as literally.

That is what we have been after.

Unfortunately, has only been a side endeavor for our team of journalists, as we all hold different full-time and part-time jobs, support families, and have a number of other professional and personal commitments.

Our time and money that we have been able to invest in creating, running, and developing have always been limited.

While the financial burden of running the website has not been enormous per se, when combined with the time needed and all the efforts going into writing, research, and technical matters, the task has been overwhelming to our small team at times.

One of those unfortunate moment is now, amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

That is why we are asking you, any of our readers who might have been touched by our news and feature stories, to donate in order to help us rescue the site, and, maybe, even try to carry out another attempt at developing it further.

To the benefit of all of you, our readers from around the world!

Any donation would go a long way in helping us with our technical costs for running, and would enable us to dedicate more time to researching, writing, and publishing new and exciting news and feature stories!

That is why we are humbly asking for your help!

You can donate to help save

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If you would like to donate in some other way, or to get in touch with us, do not hesitate to email us at archaeology (at)

Any help on your part will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Stay healthy and safe wherever in the world you might be!

Editorial Team