Emergency Call for Donations to Help ArchaeologyinBulgaria.com amid the Pandemic Fallout

Emergency Call for Donations to Help ArchaeologyinBulgaria.com amid the Pandemic Fallout

The ruins of this Roman fortress overlooking a small village and a river valley in Northwest Bulgaria are one of those places whose stories are awaiting to be told. Photo: ArchaeologyinBulgaria.com

Dear Friends from around the World,

As the really hard 2020 is drawing to a close, we at the editorial team of ArchaeologyinBulgaria.com are once again asking you for your help to help preserve this website amid the continuing fallout from the coronavirus pandemic!

Donations from a number of you, our readers from around the world, who have responed to our emergency call in October 2020, have really made a difference for the rescue of our media, and we cannot thank our donors enough!

Thanks to donations from our readers, we have now managed to return to regular coverage of discovery, archaeology, and history stories from Bulgaria and around the world.

We are now asking you once again to contribute modest donations to our media in order to help it make it truly self-sustainable within a matter of weeks!

Our small online media site has been already saved a few times thanks to your donations! In the previous instances the sums needed to cover our site’s monthly expenses were donated by you very quickly.

We are now more confident that with your help we are going to be able to continue our exciting coverage of archaeological discoveries and other archaeology and history stories from Bulgaria and around the world!

ArchaeologyinBulgaria.com has been launched for the sole purpose of enriching you, wherever in the world you might be, with knowledge and insights into incredible archaeology, history, and culture discoveries and developments from Bulgaria and other places.

We have been seeking to do that in an objective manner, to the benefit of us all, by boosting the understanding of where we came from, and thus of where we might be going.

We have been seeking to expose as much as possible the horrors of treasure hunting looting and the tremendous destruction that they have been causing to us all by shattering invaluable archaeological and historical sites going back to dawn of humanity.

Bulgaria and so many other places around the world have so much to be revealed and so many stories to be told.

So many treasures to be discovered, both figuratively and literally. That is what we have been after.

ArchaeologyinBulgaria.com has only been a side endeavor for our team of journalists, as we all hold different full-time and part-time jobs, support families, and have a number of other professional and personal commitments.

The time and money that we have been able to invest in creating, running, and developing ArchaeologyinBulgaria.com have always been limited.

That is why we are asking you, any of our readers who might have been touched by our news and feature stories, to donate in order to help us to make the final step towards turning this media into a self-sustainable venture to the benefit of the global public.

Any donation would go a long way in helping us with our technical costs for running ArchaeologyinBulgaria.com, and would enable us to dedicate more time to researching, writing, and publishing new and exciting news and feature stories!

Thanks to you we have definitely managed to move forward in the right direction.

That is why we are humbly asking for your help once more!

You can donate to help save ArchaeologyinBulgaria.com

via Paypal!

If you would like to donate in some other way, or to get in touch with us, do not hesitate to email us at archaeology (at) archaeologyinbulgaria.com.

Any help on your part will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Stay healthy and safe wherever in the world you might be!

Editorial Team