Battle of Klokotnitsa – 1230

The Battle of Klokotnitsa occurred on March 9, 1230 AD, near the town of Klokotnitsa (in today’s Haskovo District in Southern Bulgaria). In the Battle of Klokotnitsa, the inferior forces of Tsar Ivan Asen II (r. 1218-1241 AD), ruler of…

Tsar Ivan Asen II’s Inscription – Holy Forty Martyrs Church – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Tsar Ivan Asen II’s Inscription in the Holy Forty Martyrs Church: In order to commemorate the Battle of Klokotnitsa, the Bulgarian Emperor had an inscription carved in one of the marble columns of the Church “Holy Forty Martyrs” in the…

Nikopol Treasure ('First' & 'Second' Nikopol Treasures)

Nikopol Treasure (‘First’ & ‘Second’ Nikopol Treasures)

The Nikopol Treasure is a medieval Bulgarian treasure from the period of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185-1396). It was discovered near the Danube town of Nikopol by accident on two separate occasions – in 1915 and 1971.