Top 20 of the Most Popular Stories on in the Third Quarter of 2018

Top 20 of the Most Popular Stories on in the Third Quarter of 2018

A newly found Roman inscription provides invaluable information about the construction of the Roman thermae in the Ancient Thracian city of Kabyle during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Photo: Yambol Regional Museum of History

Following are the 20 most popular stories among the readers of from July 1 until September 30, 2018, i.e. during the third quarter of 2018.

The Top 20 stories are ranked by number of reads, from the highest to the lowest.

#1. Unusually Tall’ Skeleton, Severed Arm Found in 4,000-Year-Old Bronze Age Burial Mound near Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast

#2. Intact Roman Inscription from Marcus Aurelius’ Rule Found in Ancient Thracian City Kabyle in Southeast Bulgaria

#3. Archaeologists Discover ‘Monumental’ Roman Era Tomb of Thracian Aristocrat in Bulgaria’s Largest Burial Mound

#4. Archaeologists Find Thracian, Byzantine Settlements, Medieval Monastery on Bulgaria’s St. Thomas Island in Black Sea

#5. Decline of Bulgarian, Byzantine Empires before Ottoman Conquest Revealed by Tatar Plunder Treasure Pot from Black Sea Fortress Kaliakra

#6. Statue Head of Roman Emperor Aurelian, Unknown Colonnade Found in Ancient Rome’s Danube Colony Ulpia Oscus in North Bulgaria

#7. Roman Magistrate’s Statue from ca. 100 AD Found by Archaeologists in Ancient City Heraclea Sintica in Southwest Bulgaria

#8. Archaeologists Find Seal of Byzantine Empress Yolande of Montferrat in Bulgaria’s Lyutitsa Fortress

#9. Richly Decorated Roman Grave Stele That Was Never Used Found in Kovachevsko Kale Fortress in Northeast Bulgaria

#10. Archaeologists Find Gild Mosaic Cubes in Agathopolis on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast, Prove It Was Older than Known

#11. Inscription Granting Roman Man ‘Front Row Seat Right’, Main Façade of Antiquity Odeon Discovered in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv

#12. Smallest Ancient Thracian Brick Tomb Found near Bulgaria’s Rozovo, Thoroughly Looted by Treasure Hunters

#13. Gladiator Fight Relief Discovered in Ancient Roman City of Nicopolis ad Istrum near Bulgaria’s Veliko Tarnovo

#14. Unknown Late Antiquity Tomb with Murals Found by Accident in Downtown of Bulgaria’s Capital Sofia

#15. Archaeologists Find 4th Century Early Christian Monastery on Top of Thracian Horseman Shrine near Bulgaria’s Dragoynovo

#16. Early Christian Bishop’s Residence, Reliquary Cross with Crucified Jesus Christ Found in Bulgaria’s Rock City Perperikon

#17. 14th Century ‘Poor People’s Quarter’ Discovered in Ancient, Medieval Rock City Perperikon in Southern Bulgaria

#18. 6 Amazing Artifacts with Ancient Greek Mythology Scenes Discovered in Bulgaria

#19. 13th Century Woman Buried in Bulgaria’s Rahovets Fortress Had 12,000-Year-Old Gene Mutation of Europe’s Last Hunter-Gatherers

#20. Gold, Silver Treasure Pot with Tatar Leader’s Plunder Discovered in Kaliakra Fortress on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast


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