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The content of is divided into two wider categories: news articles about current events in Bulgarian archaeology such as discoveries, excavations, etc., and pages providing additional information, reference, and directions.

News Articles

The news articles of are divided into categories according to the time periods plus some other topics; depending on its substance, each article may appear in more than one category. The categories are as follows:

While most of these categories are self-explanatory, some of these may need some clarification:

Led by our understanding of the closely related fields of archaeology and history, in Other History we explore little known pages from Bulgaria’s recent history – mostly from the late 19th and 20th– century, or other non-archaeological history stories. This period of Bulgaria’s history also deserves attention because, as was mentioned above, for much of it the country was isolated from the rest of the world, and the interpretation of its past and current events was distorted by ideological indoctrination.

We have also included a news section of Paleontology because of it obvious connection with archaeology. Bulgarian paleontologists and biologists have done some great work exploring prehistoric mammals and birds, and more attention is starting to be paid to dinosaur fossils. Yet, paleontology is a relatively new field in Bulgaria which deserves to be promoted and developed.

At the end of most news articles, you will find excerpts from our Background Infonotes section. These infonotes are like footnotes added in order to provide background information for the international reader who may not be familiar with the history of the specific archaeological site, thus putting in perspective the respective discovery, excavation, or other news topic.

Information Pages

The non-news pages of provide different types of information and reference that might be useful for the better understanding of Bulgaria’s archaeological heritage and the work of the Bulgarian archaeologists as well as for visiting archaeological sites in Bulgaria.

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As noted above, the Background Infonotes are designed to give the readers background information about the archaeological items in Bulgaria which are mentioned in our archaeological news articles every day. This is no “Wikipedia”, i.e. these are not exhaustive articles on each respective topic – they are simply designed to provide a quick and brief but nonetheless informative overview of the respective archaeological site, structure, or artifact existing in Bulgaria. That is why you can also find the respective Background Infonotes at the end of our news articles.

The Archaeologists’ Index is an index of Bulgarian archaeologists and international archaeologists that have worked in Bulgaria arranged by tags, i.e. their appearance in the news stories published by Clicking on a name in the index will lead you to all articles on our website mentioning the respective archaeologist. Bulgarian archaeologists are doing some amazing work, often in really tough conditions, having to deal with underfunding, failing institutions, and treasure hunters, and their achievements deserve international recognition.

The Museums of Archaeology & History page features basic information and contacts of the Bulgarian museums of history and archaeology all across the country encouraging international travelers to visit them.

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We hope that you will enjoy the journey in prehistoric, ancient, medieval, and modern archaeology and history that offers you, and that perhaps, as international travelers, you can then make that journey literally by checking out Bulgaria’s archaeological treasures firsthand.

Because in terms of archaeology (and not only) Bulgaria indeed is a treasure to be discovered! 🙂

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