Top 20 of the Most Popular Stories on in October 2018

Top 20 of the Most Popular Stories on in October 2018

The Cyclopean masonry outer wall of the newly discovered fortress near Bulgaria’s Zlatograd is similar to that of Ancient Mycenae. Photo: TV grab from BNT

Following are the 20 most popular stories among the readers of during the month of October 2018.

The Top 20 stories are ranked by number of reads, from the highest to the lowest. Not all of these articles were published in the month of October 2018 as archive stories also figure prominently among the top ones rather often.

#1. 3,200-Year-Old Cyclopean Masonry Fortress Found in South Bulgaria, Shows Ancient Thrace Was Part of Mycenaean Civilization

#2. Intriguing 13th Century Church with Surviving Frescos of Jesus Christ Discovered in Trapesitsa Fortress in Medieval Bulgarian Capital Veliko Tarnovo

#3. 2,400-Year-Old Ancient Greek Ship from Bulgaria’s Black Sea Zone Declared ‘World’s Oldest Intact’ Shipwreck

#4. 6 Amazing Artifacts with Ancient Greek Mythology Scenes Discovered in Bulgaria

#5. Archaeologists Discover Perfectly Preserved 2000-Year-Old Roman Ship, 20 Other Shipwrecks in Black Sea Off Bulgaria’s Coast

#7. 3rd Century BC Decree Found on Black Sea Island Proves Ties between Ancient Greek Cities Apollonia Pontica in Bulgaria, Heraclea Pontica in Turkey

#8. Discovery of 8,000-Year-Old Veiled Mother Goddess near Bulgaria’s Vidin ‘Pushes Back’ Neolithic Revolution in Europe

#9. Hoard of 18th Century Ottoman, Western European Coins Found in Treasure Pot in Bulgaria’s Black Sea Town Ahtopol

#10. First Ever Gold Coin Found in Bulgaria’s Lyutitsa Fortress, of Byzantine (Nicaean) Emperor John III Ducas Vatatzes

#11. 2,500-Year-Old Sunken Ancient Greek Ship Used to Sail to Crimea Discovered in Ukraine’s Black Sea Waters

#12. Bulgaria Showcases World’s Oldest Gold, Varna Chalcolithic Necropolis Treasure, in European Parliament in Brussels

#13. Maritime Archaeologists Find Bronze Age Settlement under Black Sea’s Seabed off Bulgaria’s Coast

#14. No ‘Biblical Deluge’ but Gradual Ice Age Melting Made Black Sea ‘a Sea’, Archaeologists Find after Underwater Expedition in Bulgaria’s Waters

#15. Pre-Columbian Mediterranean ‘Round’ Ship Discovered for the First Time by Underwater Archaeology Expedition in Bulgaria’s Black Sea Zone

#16. Smallest Ancient Thracian Brick Tomb Found near Bulgaria’s Rozovo, Thoroughly Looted by Treasure Hunters

#17. Decline of Bulgarian, Byzantine Empires before Ottoman Conquest Revealed by Tatar Plunder Treasure Pot from Black Sea Fortress Kaliakra

#18. Archaeologists Discover 4,000-Year-Old Port from Ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia near Iraq’s Nasiriyah

#19. Orpheus’ Lyre Rock Engraving Discovered in Bulgaria’s Eastern Rhodope Mountains

#20. Treasure Hunters Found 5th Century BC Thracian King’s Burial worth USD 60 Million Back in 2002, Report Says


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