Book: 6 Million Abortions. How Communism Utilized Mass-Scale Abortion Exterminating Europe’s Fastest Growing Nation

Front cover of the book “6 Million Abortions” by Ivan Dikov. Images: See below*

Book: 6 Million Abortions. How Communism Utilized Mass-Scale Abortion Exterminating Europe’s Fastest Growing Nation

​Book by Ivan Dikov, Founder & Publisher of

Europe’s once fastest growing nation, Bulgaria, has become the world’s fastest shrinking nation within decades – during which it was ruled over by communism.

As a result, the medium-sized European nation has suffered 6 – 8 million abortions, a number surpassing the number of its entire population.

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The telling case of communist and post-communist Bulgaria discussed in detail in this book demonstrates that communism utilized mass-scale abortion at first in order to pursue its utopian goals, and then in order to cushion the blows of its failures.

Abortion figures from other ex-communist countries such as Romania and the former Soviet Union are even more staggering in absolute terms – but are identical in relative terms and render the same conclusions.

This book offers statistical data, anecdotal evidence, historical background information, personal experiences, and personal stories of women who had abortions under communism in order to reveal how dictatorial regimes, in this case totalitarian communist dictatorships, have used abortion as a tool to guarantee their own survival.

The former communist countries in Eastern Europe saw an explosion of abortions right after their respective regimes legalized abortion.

Because of the horrid transformation of their societies executed by the communists, countries such as Bulgaria have seen huge abortion rates drag on into the post-communist period, exacerbating their all-out demographic catastrophes caused by the communist rule, with low birth rates, high death rates, and gigantic emigration rates.

Even if abortion might not have been officially declared a policy tool by the communist regime, it certainly became one.

It was the ultimate communist tool to “free up” women so they can be ruthlessly exploited in the slave labor-like workforce of the regime, swelling the numbers of the working class;

To miraculously transform overnight a rural society into an industrialized urban society (whose cities and consumer products weren’t worthy of the name);

To crush once and for all the peasants, suspicious class enemies whose families gave birth to many children;

To repress individuals and families psychologically so nobody would ever doubt the domination of the party-ridden state;

To beat into the ground Christianity and any remnants of its traditions from the past 1,100 years that might have been preserved by the population;

To look on happily as the dwindling population growth posed smaller demands to the regime which had utterly failed in creating a much addvertised utopia but has succeeded in engineering an anti-utopia.

The communist regimes in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe were extremely “successful” in dehumanizing abortion – reducing it in the public mind to nothing more than a simple medical procedure.

The Bulgarian communist regime, not unlike its counterparts in Romania and the Soviet Union, toyed with an abortion ban once it realized that it had created a very precarious mass-abortion crisis.

Such bans did little to reduce the abortion rates but spurred a host of other horrible problems: avalanches of illegal abortions, maternal deaths, child abandonment, and even infant murders.

These bans were never enforced too strictly as the regimes seem to have realized that mass-scale abortion was the quick and easy fix reducing pressure that might have piled up on them because of their more overt failures.

Back cover of the book “6 Million Abortions” by Ivan Dikov. Cover photo: Ivan Dikov

This book is not pro-life or pro-choice but its message should be carefully considered by both the pro-life and pro-choice parties in the ongoing public debates on abortion in the United States and around the world.

Namely, that dictatorship regimes can utilize mass-scale abortion as a major policy tool: the former communist regimes in Eastern Europe have done so to a horrifying scale, engaging in what should be declared genocide, and creating a demographic apocalypse in Bulgaria and the rest of the region.


Book Contents

Chapter 1
Abortion: Key Genocidal Tool of Communism
And My ‘King Leopold’s Ghost’ Moment

The Fake 1989 Revolution
Why You Ought to Be Shocked
Abortion as the Commies’ Policy Tool
Abortion = Appendicitis? Just a Medical Procedure
And Why I Was Annoyed at the Abortion Debates in the US
Stats Still Top Secret
Having a ‘King Leopold’s Ghost’ Moment
Why Mass-Scale Abortion under Communism Is Genocidal

Chapter 2
Brief History from Prehistory to Post-Communism:

The Story of Bulgaria Up to the Mass-Scale Abortion Genocide

Chapter 3
From the Fastest Growing Nation in Europe…

In a Europe as It Once Was
When Bulgaria Was Europe’s Fastest Growing Nation
Bulgaria’s Early 20th Century Population Boom: From ‘Natural’ Modernization to World War I Mobilization
For ‘Responsible’ Demographics All around the Globe

Chapter 4
…To the World’s Fastest Shrinking Nation

Or What a Real, Peace-time Population Apocalypse Looks Like
Communism Happened
The Post-Communism Happened
‘On a Lonely Island’ – ‘Just You and I’

Chapter 5
The Raw Figures
Unborn Children Murdered in Vast Numbers: The Mass-Scale Abortion of the Communist Regime

Extrapolating for the US of A

Chapter 6
Communist Crimes: Various Ways of Murder

Fun Little List of Diverse Commie Crimes in Bulgaria
One of the Worst outside the USSR
Extermination through Physical Murder
Murder through the Sociological Transformation of the Bulgarian Society
Pseudo-Industrialization, Pseudo-Urbanization, Pseudo-Modernization
And They Actually Sort-of ‘Banned’ Abortion
How to Ghetto-Stuff Your Nation
‘They Look Like Housing Projects!’
‘Holy Sweet Mother of God, We Are in Eastern Europe!’
Crush Those Peasants! Second-Rate Humans and Class Enemies Doomed to Pseudo-Urbanization
Murder through Psychological Murder

Chapter 7
The Murder through the Murder of Unborn Children

Abortion Stories: What Communism Engineered
How to Ask Your Mother
You Don’t Think the Commies Gave Women an ‘Abortion Right’, Do Ya?!
As Much as They Did Give Them Suffrage: Hollow Emancipation
The Abortion Regrets Paradox

Chapter 8
Five Women Tell Their Communism Abortion Stories

What Communism Made Unimaginable
‘I Bore a Child to This ******* State!’
How We Survived Communism and I Certainly Didn’t Laugh
The Cheap Labor & Eugenics behind Communism’s Embrace of Abortion
(Interview with a Modern-Day Bulgarian ‘Anti-Abortion’ Activist)

Chapter 9
When Commie Dictators Admit
And Who Ate the Meatballs?

‘Communism Is an Abortive Child’:
A Dictator’s Admission after 35 Years in Power
Tank-Loving Commie Coup Successor Confesses as Well

Chapter 10
Romania vs. Bulgaria vs. Greece vs. Turkey
(Communism vs. Non-Communism)

Romania’s Even More Insane Mass-Scale Communism Abortion Case
The Extermination Effects of Communism 1:
Romania vs. Turkey: A Difference of 60 Million People
The Extermination Effects of Communism 2:
Bulgaria vs. Greece: Forced vs. Natural Modernization without Abortion Genocide

Chapter 11
The Soviet Union’s Ginormous Case
When It All Began: The Bolsheviks’ Infatuation with Abortion

Some Extrapolations for the United States of America, Germany, and China

Chapter 12
How to Cope under Communism? Just Go Have an Abortion!
Abortion: Existential Threat When Used as Tool by Communist Regimes

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