Bulgaria’s National Institute & Museum of Archaeology Publishes New Issue of ‘Arheologia’ Journal

The cover of Issue 1-2, 2015, of the Arheologia Journal of the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology. Photo: National Institute and Museum of Archaeology

The cover of Issue 1-2, 2015, of the Arheologia Journal of the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology. Photo: National Institute and Museum of Archaeology

Bulgaria’s National Institute and Museum of Archaeology in Sofia has released a new issue (Issue No. 1-2, 2015) of its “Arheologia” Journal, the Museum has announced.

The “Arheologia (Sofia)” Journal is periodical which has been published by the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences since 1959. It goes out twice a year.

The publication features articles on the archaeological excavations and monuments in Bulgaria, and on prehistoric, ancient, and medieval archaeology and numismatics as well as book reviews and news about academic conferences. Past issues of the journal can be accessed here.

The new edition of “Arheologia (Sofia)” features a number of abstracts in English. The available English-language abstracts can be accessed in PDF format from the links below:

Full CONTENTS of the new Issue No. 1-2, 2015:


Desislava Takorova. Early Neolithic ceramic anthropomorphic imagery from the Struma River Valley and the Sofia Plain in the context of Anatolia


Desislava Andreeva. The Middle Neolithic ceramic assemblage of the Proto-Karanovo III period at the prehistoric site of Kalitinovo-Gerena near Stara Zagora


Stefan Alexandrov. Early Bronze Age barrow graves in Thrace (55 years later)


Mila Chacheva. Anthropomorphic glass pendants from the West Pontic Greek colonies


Nicolay Sharankov. New evidence on the Thracian strategoi


Metodi Daskalov. Belt sets with lateral straps south of the Danube in the 6th and 7th centuries


Maria Hristova. Pagan graves at the medieval cemetery of Nikolovo, Ruse region


Deyan Rabovyanov. Sgraffito plate with human figures from the medieval town of Trapezitsa


Yavor Mitov. Graffiti drawings in the church of Archangels of the Metropolis in Kostur


Vladimir Ovcharov. Uncatalogued variants of Bulgarian medieval coins (14th -15th c.)



Vassil Nikolov, Hristo Popov, Krum Bacvarov. Building scholarly contacts with Germany: practices at the National Institute of Archaeology and Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Tsoni Tsonev. 43rd Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology “Keep the Revolution Going” Conference, Siena, Italy, 30 March – 3 April 2015


Maria Gurova. „Raw materials exploitation in prehistory: Sourcing, processing and distribution“, 10-12 March, 2016, Faro, Portugal



Vassil Nikolov. R. Krauß. Ovčarovo-Gorata. Eine frühneolithische Siedlung in Nordostbulgarien. Archäologie in Eurasien 29. Habelt-Verlag, Bonn, 2014, 350 Seiten, 209 Abbildungen, 74 Tafeln


Ivan Todorov. Looking for new solutions to the problem of the Scythians in Thrace (Игор Лазаренко. Скитите в Тракия (VІІ в. пр.н.е. – І в. от н.е.). Част І. Писмени извори за скити в Тракия. Онгъл, Варна, 2015)


Konstantin Totev. Стела Дончева. Калъпи и матрици от Българското средновековие (ІХ – ХІV в.). Фабер, В. Търново, 2015. 312 с., 138 черно-бели и графични и 16 цветни илюстрации



Maria Uzunova (1967 – 2016)

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