New Volume of ‘Contributions to Bulgarian Archaeology’ Honors Late Archaeologist Irina Shtereva, Expert in Middle Ages

Cover of the 8th volume of “Contributions to Bulgarian Archaeology” published by the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology in Sofia. Photo: National Institute and Museum of Archaeology

Bulgaria’s National Institute and Museum of Archaeology in Sofia has published the 8th volume of its “Contributions to Bulgarian Archaeology" edition dedicating it to honoring the memory of late archaeologist Irina Shtereva, a renowned expert in the Middle Ages, who passed away in 2015.

The 8th volume of “Contributions to Bulgarian Archaeology" (ISBN 978-954-9472-56-1 – print; ISBN 978-954-9472-57-8 – online) of the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology, a body of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, is compiled and edited by Valeri Grigorov, Petar Dimitrov, Metodi Zlatkov, Evgeniya Komatarova-Balinova.

The new volume of “Contributions to Bulgarian Archaeology" comprises a total of papers focusing primarily on medieval archaeological monuments.

Some of the major themes in them are the medieval settlements, pottery, sculpture, and necropolises.

The edition honors the memory of Assoc. Prof. Irina Shtereva who as an archaeologist and medievalist has taken part in the research of some of Bulgaria’s top medieval archaeological sites.

Her work is associated with the discovery of the Tuida Fortress in the eastern Bulgarian city of Sliven, excavations of the Krakra Fortress in the western Bulgarian city of Pernik, exploration of the imperial palaces of the First Bulgarian Empire (632/680 – 1018) in its first two capitals south of the Danube – Pliska (680 – 893) and Veliki Preslav (893 – 970), and the research of the 9th century Great Basilica in Pliska (deemed the largest Christian church in Europe in the Middle Ages).

Shtereva is also known as one of Bulgaria’s top experts in medieval pottery. She authored several books including “Tuida – Tsoida – Sliven", “Contributions to Sliven’s History", “Excavations and Research", “Tuida – Sliven 1", and a large number of research papers.

Among her many other discoveries, for example, in 2008, she made headlines with the discovery of a seal of Bulgarian Tsar Simeon I the Great (r. 893-927 AD) in Veliki Preslav.

In 2010, Shtereva received the Dr. Ivan Seliminski Award of Sliven Municipality for her achievements and contribution to the exploration and preservation of the region’s historical and cultural heritage.

The online version of the 8th volume of “Contributions to Bulgarian Archaeology" is now available for free access and download here.


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