3,000-Year-Old Bronze Age Sword Discovered by Accident in Gravel Pit in Romania’s Buzau

3,000-Year-Old Bronze Age Sword Discovered by Accident in Gravel Pit in Romania’s Buzau

The more than 3,000-year-old Bronze Age sword has been discovered by a worker on a conveyor belt in a Romanian gravel pit. Photo: TV grab from TVR

A sword which is more than 3,000 years old, and dates back to the Late Bronze Age has been discovered by accident in the county of Buzau (Buzău) in the southeastern part of Romania.

The Bronze Age sword is described as one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Romania’s Buzau county in the past few years.

It has been found by chance by a worker on the conveyor belt of a gravel pit, The Romania Insider reports citing Stiri.tvr.ro.

The Late Bronze Age sword is a total of 47.5 centimeters (19 inches) long, and 4 centimeters (1.6 inches) wide.

According to the Romanian experts who have studied it, the Bronze Age weapon was made in a mold. The sword is well preserved and its blade features decorations.

The original handle of the ancient weapon appears to have been made of a perishable material since it has not been preserved.

The Late Bronze Age sword’s surface bears traces from coming into contact with other metal objects.

The Romanian archaeologists say that the sword, which is well over 3,000 years old, probably belonged to a nobleman.

They do not rule out the possibility that the owner of the newly discovered ancient weapon may have been buried in or near the gravel pit where the Bronze Age artifact was discovered. For the time being, no ancient burials have been discovered there.

The Bronze Age sword is rather well preserved. Photo: Buzau Museum

For the time being, no burial has been found near the sit ewhere the sword was discovered. Photos: TV grabs from TVR

The sword is now undergoing conservation and restoration by experts at the Buzau County Museum.

Once the conservation and restoration procedures in question are completed, the Bronze Age weapon will become part of the permanent collection of the museum, and will be exhibited for its visitors.

The Romanian gravel pit worker who found the Bronze Age sword is expected to be granted a reward by the Buzau museum for the impressive accidental archaeological discovery he made and immediately turned in.



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