Archaeologist Vasil Nikolov Elected Vice President of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Vasil Nikolov (front) during the session of the 7th General Assembly of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Photo: BAS

Renowned Bulgarian archaeologist Prof. Vasil Nikolov has been elected as one of the three new Vice Presidents of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).

The elections were at the last session of the Seventh General Assembly of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria’s largest scientific institution, a government body.

The Academy was first established as a literary society in 1869, seven years before the country’s National Liberation from the Ottoman Empire.

Its new President, Prof. Julian Revalski, was elected on December 1, 2016. Now, three new Vice Presidents have been elected: archaeologist Vasil Nikolov, chemist Konstantin Hadzhiivanov, and physicist Kostadin Ganev.

Prof. Evdokia Pasheva has been reelected as Scientific Secretary-General of the organization.

The National Institute and Museum of Archaeology in Sofia, Bulgaria’s largest archaeology research center, is one of a total of 42 institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Vasil Nikolov has been a faculty member of the Institute of Archaeology since 1984, and served as its Director in 2003-2007.

He is one of Bulgaria’s most prominent experts in Prehistory. Some of Nikolov’s recent and long-term research has focused on

the Slatina Neolithic Settlement in Sofia;

the Provadiya-Solnitsata (“the Salt Pit”) prehistoric town, Europe’s oldest, near Provadiya in Northeast Bulgaria;

the Mursalevo Neolithic Settlement in Southwest Bulgaria;

the Late Neolithic Shrine near Kapitan Andreevo in Southeast Bulgaria.

The headquarters of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in downtown Sofia. Photo: Plamen Agov, Wikipedia

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