Reaches 5,000 Fans on Facebook Reaches 5,000 Fans on Facebook

The tower of an abandoned monastery from the time of the medieval Bulgarian Empire located near the town of Sadovets, Pleven District, in Central North Bulgaria. Photo:

On Saturday, May 12, 2018, has reached the milestone of 5,000 fans on Facebook!

Our Facebook Page,, originally named “ArchaeologyinBulgaria”, and recently renamed to “ArchaeologyinBulgaria. And Beyond” to reflect our widened news and feature coverage, was launched almost simultaneously with the launch of our website.

Just a while ago, on January 25, 2018, registered its 1,000,000th visit! (The figure is based on our WordPress stats.)

And even more recently, on May 1, 2018, published its news article No. 1,000!

In addition to our 1,000 news articles, we have also published for you, our readers, about 200 pages with “Background Infonotes” about Bulgaria’s archaeological, historical, and cultural sites.

In addition to our Pages, you can find the relevant “Background Infonotes” at the end of each news article. was started as a news portal about Bulgaria’s archaeological discoveries, sites, and cultural heritage and cultural tourism at the end of 2014, though its official launch and the start of its active coverage was not until March 2015.

We have since expanded our themes to cover not just archaeology but also history, wildlife, nature, and Planet Earth news from both Bulgaria and around the world.

With the country of Bulgaria with its amazing archaeological, historical, and cultural heratage as our vantage point, our journalistic concept is focused on exploring the global Human – Earth connection.

Our team appreciates deeply the overwhelming interest by readers from all over the world in the topics that we cover, and is going to seek to expand them in terms of quantity, quality, and depth!

Stay with us for more exciting coverage of Bulgarian and global archaeology, history, cultural heritage, nature, and environment!



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